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Nikita Garets

Nikita Garets was born in 1989 in Dnepropetrovsk.
He is an artist, a musician and a scene designer.
Nikita graduated from Glinka Music School with specialization on violoncello. He is a student of Dnepropetrovsk Theatre College (scenography department).

Exhibitory Projects

  • Project Storeys (City Art Gallery, Dnepropetrovsk), 2007.
  • Exhibition Dreams (Grifon Gallery, Kiev), 2008.
  • Project Emergency Exit (ANN-Gallery, Kiev), 2008.
  • Exhibition City Sketches (ATSU Gallery, Dnepropetrovsk), 2008.
  • Mutated Art (series of illustrations for IDM project Mutated Television, Moscow), 2009.
  • Exhibition Happy People (ANN-Gallery, Kiev), 2009.
  • Project Spin City (City Art Gallery, Dnepropetrovsk), 2009.
  • Street art project Sketches (Moscow), 2010.
  • Participant of II Biennale for young art Halt! Who goes there? (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow), 2010.
  • Participant of Ilovekiev 2010, project Resume (Lavra Gallery, Kiev), 2010.
  • Yes I Am (YATLO gallery, Odessa), 2010.
  • Ukrainian contemporary art special (Flaxon Ptootch gallery, London), 2011.
  • Workshops 20’11 (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow), 2011.
  • Project INSIDE (Moscow), 2011.
  • Exhibition Spin City (LES Gallery, Moscow), 2012.
  • Exhibition Spin City (LES Gallery, Moscow), 2014.

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