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Honored Painter of the Russian Federation

Natalia Nesterova

Famous Russian artist, master of painting

Natalia Nesterova was born on April 23rd, 1944 in Moscow, into a family of architects. In 1962 she has graduated from the art school under Institute named after V.I.Surikov, from 1962 till 1968 she studied at the Moscow state art institute named after V.I.Surikov. D.D.Zhilinsky was her main teacher during these years. Starting from 1991 she is a professor of the Russian academy of theatrical art. Twice the Winner of the State award of the Russian Federation (1992 and 1999), the winner of the "Triumph" award (2003). She regularly participated in exhibitions, including youth exhibitions, starting from 1984 has started to exhibit the works in the West. Natalia has come under influence of primitivism and naive art (in particular N.Pirosmanashvili's paintings), contemporary T.Nazarenko has influenced Nesterovas early manner. In 1994 Natalia has received a rank of the Honored artist of the Russian Federation. Lives and works in Russia and in the USA.


2005The reflexions of lost time. The State Russian Museum, St.-Petersburg
1997Natalia Nesterova. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1997Natalia Nesterova. Painting. Gallery of Russian Art, Tallinn
1996Hal Bromm Gallery, New-York, USA
1995Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
1994Hal Bromm Gallery, New-York, USA
1993Natalia Nesterova: 10 paintings. Gallery Moscow Palette, Berlin, Germany
1993Art Modern Gallery (combined with sculptor Lazar Gadaev), Moscow
1993Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
1992Natalia Nesterova. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada
1992Together with T.Nazarenko, Fernando Duran Gallery, Madrid, Spain
1991Natalia Nesterova: New Art. Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
1991New art. Natalia Nesterova (from private collections). Charles Cowles Gallery, New York, USA
1990Natalya Nesterova. Recent works from Moscow. HAL Bromm Gallery, New York, USA
1989Natalia Nestrova and Lazar Gadaev. Central House of Artists, Moscow
1988New works from Moscow. HAL Bromm Gallery, New York, USA
1974One day exhibition. House of Artists at Kuznetskiy Most, Moscow

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