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Slava Zaitsev. Glossy World

The exhibition opening: November 7, 2012 at 7 p.m.

Slava Zaitsev, a young artist from Kazan, presents an exciting project Glossy World. The works are all made of tiny pieces of glossy magazines. Slava says that the main idea of his artistry came into his mind by chance – he was drawing something when he suddenly set his eyes on a magazine next to him. It dawned upon him that he could use pages of magazines as colours: they can set a colour theme of a future creative work. He has started experimenting with the unique technique - collage of magazine cuttings.

A text printed on the cuttings that Slava uses does not mean anything to him. The artist is not interested in articles' content, paper quality and its color – this is what really matters. Slava treats such specific material in different ways: sometimes the sheets of paper are neatly folded, but they can be torn off in a random manner too.

Images presented by Slava are various: humans, animals, flowers, architectural elements and cars – but they all are bright and expressive, what is typical of the artist’s style. The features of the technique, the idea of which is using the magazine cuttings with articles and illustrations instead of colours, provide a fresh look on common themes.