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Exhibition «Boys and womans»

The creator describes his project Boys and Women as something on the edge of erotica and pornography, and it is devoted to human sexual motives. Nikita started the series when he was 16, in the period of inner and physical formation. It consists of paintings that illustrate sexual theme and present youths’ impulses, but at the same time no open pornography as such is depicted. The main source Garets uses is lyrical immediacy based on expressive-introspective ideology. The paintings show various scenes, at times from personal experience and sometimes from outside point of view. The artist does not break conventional rules and decencies, that are so necessary for a human, and manages to combine two opposite things in fact – romance and pornography which became one forming concept of the whole project.

Boys and Women is about teenagers’ sexuality as a source of inspiration. The style of the artist is peculiar and reminds of comics. Nikita studies personal early sexual impulses and 8 years later turns them into expressive paintings, presenting real scenes and subjecting them to emotions. Teen’s contact with sexual surroundings turns into a search for ‘a balance point’ in such specific adult community, where the alter ego of the character travels in various images. People’s relations get revealed in the tragic, detached context which discovers a symbiosis of platitude in modern culture and life style. Ultimately, emotional revelations of the artist-kid make a sense core of the whole project.

The exhibition provides a series of artistic paintings and a specially made installation.