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Maria Mamkaeva “Diet 2012”

Starting July 25, the LES Gallery is showing Maria Mamkaeva’s exhibition Diet 2012. With her series of semiabstract still-life paintings a young artist turns to the burning issue of today – self-restrictions in order to please fashion – and offers an alternative for being joyful.

Today's city life is hard. We get the blessings of civilization but at the same time we restrict ourselves here and there and everywhere. A diet. It is highly popular all over the world. Men and women keep talking about that. We adjust ourselves to moral standards dictated by society as well as to physical ones. We are eager to look like cover models and exhaust ourselves by all kinds of diets. ‘You can’t eat after 6 p.m.’ – almost each woman keeps this in mind. We have stopped enjoying meals, we feel remorse after eating every single piece of millefeuille. There is a way out: to enjoy sweeties not devouring but gazing at them. Series of still-life paintings – Diet 2012.