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Personal exhibition of Mikhail Kartuzov Metaphorical Realism

Starting May 29 the Les gallery is showing an exibition of Mikhail Kartuzov Metaphorical Realism. The artist combines the best traditions of european academism and metaphorical images in his works, thus creating new metaphysical painting.

On May 29 - June 22 a personal exhibition of Mikhail Kartuzov Metaphorical Realism will take place. Exhibition opening: May 29, 2013 at 7 p.m.

Having broken all ties with soviet academism achievements and after he learned european approach in keeping with its best traditions (mainly coloristic and compositional), Mikhail Kartuzov presents his art as an attempt at comprehension of existensial forms through analogy, likeness, metaphor and "the rhyme of real world images" as the artist says. According to Mikhail's words "one of the main tasks on this way is to create a new space, not mythical but true-life, three dimensional, where there is no place for zoo- or anthropomorphous objects, but there's air of classical painting brought into modern mentally-sensual space".

What is 'metaphorical realism'? What is its difference from Pop art, Surrealism or Fantasy? First of all, it is a realistic painting: drawing, perspective and color. At the same time it is a world of a poet with a palette, who combines the new and the old on a canvas.

Mikhail Kartuzov was born in 1976 in Fergana. An easel painter, a graduate from the Far East state art academy (Vladivostok, 2002), a member of Moscow Art Fund. When Mikhail was 12 he moved with his family to Vladivostok, where he studied and then worked. At preset the artist lives and works in Moscow.