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Escaping reality

Nataliya Mezhnikova. “Escaping reality”. 13 February – 2 March 2103
Opening event: 13 February 2013, 19:00

Love of life, deep interest in the world around and people, curiosity which is so peculiar to the fair, intelligence and hazard - it's all about Nataliya Vitalyevma Mezhnikova. And yes, the trust to one's own perception, what is really important for an artist. The interest of viewing old photographs became the main idea of the series Escaping Reality.

Thanks to Nataliya's talent and skills, a collage became an art object where the stories in memory and the images of today combine, as well as modern technique and photography, monochromaticism and coloration.

Like a curtain, the artist’s paintings extend time frames revealing the world of the ancestors and fixing escaping present in everyday moments of the modern life. An eternal dialogue between the past and the future makes a biography at the interface of memory and time. Having turned a collage into a time based marker, the artist makes a spectator be present here and now, as if peeping at the past.

Looking at the pictures it seems like you are a part of the ‘escaping reality’. Still this unusual representation of Nataliya’s art is in the context of the modern art, which constantly turns back at the great artists 'experience in the search of relevance’. The artist’s best works from the most famous series of 1980-2000 will be displayed at the exhibition. As part of the picture-show a meeting with the artist is planned.

Nataliya Mezhnikova was born in Riga. In 1971 she graduated from the graphical department of MGPI named after V. I. Lenin (Lenin State Pedagogical Institute, Moscow). Her works are kept in the private galleries, the galleries of Russia and abroad.


  • 1982. Group exhibition. 50th anniversary of the Moscow Regional Union of Artists. Central exhibition hall Manezh.
  • 1984. Group exhibition. Exhibition hall, Ermolaevsky side street, 17.
  • 1988. Evening An artist and its theme. Kuznetskiy, 11.
  • 1992. Personal exhibition Twelve Bible Scenes. Theatre Novaya Stsena (New Stage).
  • 1995. Personal exhibition. Moscow City Duma.
  • 1997. Collective exhibition with S. Kupriyanova.the Usadba Gallery.
  • 2002. Group exhibition. 70th anniversary of MOSKh (Moscow Regional Union of Artists).
  • 2008. Personal exhibition. Moscow City Duma.
  • 2009. Collective exhibition Bible Themes. Russian Academy of Arts.
  • 2012. Group exhibition. 80th anniversary of the Moscow Regional Union of Artists.