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Leonid Esipovich’s Photography Exhibition Taimyr

Exhibition opening – April 24 2013 at 7 p.m.

This project is devoted to the far and mysterious Taimyr Peninsula which on and on surprises even a discerning traveller or geographer. Several ethnicities live on its territory: the dolgans, the nenets, the nganasans, the evenkis and the enets. Taimyr means 'a vein', and once you are here – you feel strength and vital power flow, and you are a spectator now and watching a performance where shots of ethnic color change one after another. Soon we are not the part of this true, amazing and full life; we are just spectators who were allowed by the very nature to the origins of human civilization. Like aliens from a different planet we will enjoy and get inspired by the nature and beauty of the Taimyr Peninsula.

Everything here – from breathtaking views of nature to everyday life – makes us feel as if we have come from a different planet, having discovered the wonderful and amazing planet Earth. And you are happy to meet mysterious people – the hosts of the Earth – tanned with the cold sun, with narrow from sparkling snow eyes and energy, filling you with love and respect to the beautiful and generous home – the Earth. The exhibition comprises of photographs taken by Leonid Esipovich while travelling around the Taimyr Peninsula.

Leonid Esipovich was born in 1966 in Moscow. In 1991 he graduated in economics from the Lomonosov Moscow State University. He got interested in photography in the fifth grade, worked in a photo lab, since 1983 he has went in for photography in professional way. Leonid’s photographs were published in such magazines as “DiveTek” (Diving Technology), “Interior+Design”, “PHOTO” (France), in a book by artist and traveler Evgeniy Datsko “Trip to Russian America”. Since 2005 he’s been a member of the Artists’ Union of Russia and International Artists’ Federation.


  • 2005 – the 1st exhibition of the creative group SKOL (Leonid Esipovich, Svetlana Inozemtseva, Albert Khairullin, Nikolai Sologubovsky). Gallery Artplay, Moscow.
  • 2007 – Passing by (Leonid Esipovich, Albert Khairullin, Anton Komlev, Oleg Singareev). The SKOL Gallery, Saint-Petersburg.