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Opening of the exhibition by Pasha Babenko

On May 23 the LES gallery opened an exhibition of Pavel Babenko, the Krasnodar painter.

“The poetry of the simple life…” – this is not only a name of the picture show and a quotation from the author’s own poem, but this also reflects the very essence of Babenko’s artistry. Pavel has been doing the still life paintings for many years and he had painted a series of new canvases especially for the Moscow public. The works, filled with Kuban color and such Kuban motives, convey not only the beauty of the painting layers and the national color of the South Russia – numerous philosophical and religious symbols are concealed in them. The new series of the artist is another attempt to answer the eternal questions that are so crucial for a human. At the preview Pavel declared some of his poetry and treated the visitors to Kuban viands.