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On March, 24th in the LES Gallery Picture-oil master class has taken place.

The master-class was conducted by well-known Moscow artists Vera Elnitskaya and Vladimir Kurdyukov. The personal exhibition of Elnitskaya is displayed in the LES Gallery till the end of March, and our lesson of painting, hence, was conducted in an environment of works of one of the teachers of the master class.

Vera has suggested painting an author's version of any of her pictures, having emphasized that the main thing in the given task is to try to offer persons vision of the chosen work. And she has shown an example herself, having made an author's copy of her own picture.

Some of the pupils have not dared to take up the brush at once and have preferred a pastel drawing to oil painting.

Vladimir Kurdyukov was responsible for pastel drawings. He not only helped neophytes with good advices and expressional explanations of an essence of art creativity; he managed to overcome students desire for simple copying, but made them catch an essence, character, sense of a composition.

Vladimir Kurdyukov has presented a blitz-show of a prompt writing of portrait works as a gift to public and pupils. Pupils of art schools and talented self-educated artists and even simply curios people visited the master-class. And the last ones, far from painting in their ordinary lives seemed to us the most interested. Benevolent conditions and atmosphere of professional companionable support will give you true creative pleasure.

We are waiting for you at our master classes!