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Audio-record of the lection “Monotypia. Uniqueness of a print”

On September 7th a master-class “Monotypia. Uniqueness of a print” by Vasily Vdovin has taken place.

Many friends of the LES Gallery have come that day: our habitués, students of art high schools, teachers of painting, and also people who are far from painting in their everyday life, which is most touching. And with great enthusiasm they have taken part in the master class. Under the guidance of Vasily people created the real masterpieces in front of benevolent spectators! After the work-shop all the works have been handled to the authors, and the authors of best works (and according to the vote there were many) were rewarded with the albums with Vdovin’s monotoypia’s.

The LES Gallery and Vasily Vdovin thank all the visitors and participants of the master-class! Dear friends! Welcome to exhibitions, master classes, practical seminars and lectures in the LES Gallery!

The full version of the lecture (25 min., 24 Mb)