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Nikita Sologubovsky and Sergey Nadtochy “Parts of the first irrational thoughts with some meaning…”

On April 7 the Les Gallery has opened an exhibition of Nikita Sologubovsky and Sergey Nadtochy, the students of the children’s experimental architectural studio Edas. It consists of graphics, installations, objects, a video-art and a collage.

The project turns a new page in the exhibitory life of the gallery: earlier we have dealt with the artistry of completely formed and practicing artists, this time we have fallen to thinking of what contemporary art will be tomorrow. So, very young artists have become exhibitors – one of those who probably will create the face of contemporary Russian art.

Nikita Sologubovsky and Sergey Nadtochy are the students of the famous experimental children’s architectural Edas Studio founded in 1977 by an architect and teacher Vladislav Kirpichev. A graduate and even a teacher of Moscow Architectural Institute, from soviet period V. I. Kirpichev stands up for alternative architectural ideas and offers generalized thought and space analyzing. The main postulate of the school is abstract and intuitive thought development. Children and teenagers aged from 3 to 16 study in Edas. They draw, make collages and design paper and computer models. Their works are not children’s crafts at all – they remind more of professional architect creations. Edas is the school where you won’t hear ‘it’s right’ or ‘it’s wrong’, and the little ones, schoolchildren and teenagers quite naturally think over such notions as ‘a dot’, ‘a line’, ‘a stain’, ‘transparency’, etc. At school they are concerned with designing projects that start with key words and notions, grow into sketches and then into meaningful works. Since childhood the students are taught psychology of cooperation: in various group programs all kinds of relationship schemes are used, and everyone can take a part of a ‘boss’ and a ‘subordinate’.

Though Edas Studio is known for its architectural education, the LES picture show is not a display of architectural sketches and not even graphic arts, it’s a demonstration of new spatial mentality – this is what the future belongs to, its impressive results are already seen in today’s world art context. Nikita’s and Sergey’s works are difficult to refer to a particular genre: their drawings are done thoroughly, collages, paper and tape installations being chaotic at first sight do not copy anyone else’s and do not show any themes. This is a fixation of forms and ideas, examples of dawning of a new art, mind and creativity approach.