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Opening of an Exhibition of Vera Elnitskaya on February 9th

Artist’s works of the last 10 years have made a stunning impression, according to the first visitors of the exhibition.

Many benevolent estimations and judgments by famous collectors, critics, gallerysts and colleagues sounded at the opening, and to say the truth they were deserved by Vera Elnitskaya.

Famous artists and sculptors Vladimir Braynin, Anatoly Osmolovsky and Svetlana Baskova, Igor Dodonov r, Kerop Sagomonjan, Konstantin Sutyagin, Michael Suharev, Olga Pluzhnikova , Valery Ajzenberg, Anastasia Slepysheva, Vyacheslav Piliper, Igor Kamjanov, Ilja Komov, Elena Starik, and many, many other others were present at the opening. There also were such known collectors, gallerysts , critics, "art dealers" and curators of exhibitions as Annamuhammed Zaripov, Alexey Sosna, Alexander Mironov, Lev Nesterov-Rappoport, Alexander Yeliseyev, Olga Ettingof, Vadim Garshin and many, many others.

The strongest aesthetic effect of an exhibition as a whole, certainly, has been reached. Come to look at the pictures, take pleasure of good painting — you still have time, the exhibition is open till the end of February.

Photos from the opening