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Do you want to have your own portrait?

Vasily Vdovin, the portraitist, the graphic artist, the painter, the member of theCreative Union of Artists of Russia, will draw your personal or family portrait, and this portrait will become your favorite.

First of all Vasily Vdovin is a bright, not ordinary person. He is very "alive" person, and very alive, sincere artist. His tumultuous and emotional nature is continued in his canvases, appears in graphic compositions, passionate and devoted. In his art Vasily always remains true to himself and his principles. For a long time he is keen to portrait drawing and says that now bad taste prevails at "school" of portraits. On Vasily's portraits one can see the Person, the Image, the Sense; there always is a character, and always the one who is being drawn peers at the essence, at himself … Vasily’s portrait is an expressional accord of color and form, it is a portrait of a soul and its depth. Whether portraits are made by oil on a canvas or by pastel on a paper, they are professional picturesque cloths with a bright hallmark of the master. Also the fact that impresses is that a lot of his works go to the private collections of those, who have been the model for the portraits. Vasily states that the artist “always should be ahead of conceptions, and even ambitions of the potential customer and then the tastes, probably, will be corrected”.

The unusual things are Vdovin’s monotypias. In Vasily's conception monotypia is “a technique of freedom and divine intervention in a real embodiment”. Expressive, sensual and prompt works show the nature of the master. In black backgrounds graphic works Vdovin is extremely accurate and exact, there are still the same, freedom and expressiveness of forms! Not long ago Vasily has opened a new genre — a landscape. At the recent creative trip to the Ples the master has been fascinated by the beauty of Volga, has heard its free “Levitan’s” motive, and has answered to it with a series of the landscapes drawn from life.

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