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Tanya Snezh Lebedeva's lecture

September 29 at 3 p. m. at the last day of her personal show the artist Tanya Snezh Lebedeva will tell about her special style ironical conceptualism.

On the last day of the exhibition Frailty of Fame Tanya Snezh Lebedeva is going to meet the audience and tell about the details of the art style she has chosen.

Ironical conceptualism – is it a genre busting philosophy of new generation or one of the tendencies of conceptual art? The author of this term, the adherent of ironical conceptualism, Tanya Snezh Lebedeva will try to explain the sense of this contemporary art style.

During the lecture the artist will attempt to trace the origin of conceptual art and ironical conceptualism, show examples of what can be called ironical conceptualism in modern art world. Tanya will analyze the connection of irony and metaphysics of human perception. Is the word ‘ironical’ a criterion for the author’s idea’s adaptation to the public? Has irony got a concealed potential for old ideologies? How does irony reveal itself in art?

It’s not going to be a dull exhaustive analysis, but a lively communication and discussion. After all, talking about irony cannot be absolutely serious.

Admission free, by appointment: +7 (499) 129-03-40, info@les-gallery.ru