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In the gallery the selected products of the modern art are presented: paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photos by known Russian and foreign authors. Representative selection of works is made in such a manner that the УLESФ Gallery collection would represent an actual cut of the most various art forms. The Gallery selects the artists to be represented only in conformity to criteria of talent and professional skills. Both well-known artists and those who are not known to the public are in the sphere of attention of the УLESФ Gallery. There is no especially УpreferredФ trend for the Gallery, but only the high level of the work of art can influence the choice. We do like the 60-s, but we think that of the most different directions, styles, genres and the technician is the Ideal of the УLESФ Gallery. Polyphonic, sanguineous, live mixed УLESФ!

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—тоимость аренды залов: 10 000 руб. / день.
ћинимальный срок аренды Ц 10 дней.
—тоимость может варьироватьс€ в зависимости от сроков аренды.
÷ены и сроки оговариваютс€ в каждом конкретном случае.